About Us

Who we Are
Firepits and Selbat USA is a hybrid crossbreed brand between indoor/outdoor furniture and supportive lifestyle functionality. We began with a simple idea/desire: to be able to provide amazingly beautiful affordable products to people everywhere possible.

What we Stand for
The foundation for our brand is to provide for people who are Actively searching for a "Change". Because when you change something about yourself, no matter how small, your result is to feel Good about it. And everyone around you is impacted by this "good feeling".

And the best part is--we are with you through the entire process. From a small investment to changing (or adding) just a table or DIY'ing full changes to your space makes all the difference.

About Our Products
We sourced our products from home-turf manufacturers right here in the United States and to include our Higher End section--are products sourced from Canada. Our products are also unbranded which directly correlates with who we are, keeping All of our products very affordable across the board. (Sidenote: If we do decide to add branded products, they will be very small and not directly affect our bottom line. *Wink wink*)

What does "Selbat" mean?
It is foreign and another way of saying "Self". Take good care of your "Self". And one way to start to do that is right here. Here you have the choice to decide "Now" to make a little difference to yourself or your entire living space no matter if you're in an apartment, a condo, a house, wherever (as long as you have an adress)--we have something for you.

The small investment you make towards yourself today means far greater returns for you tomorrow.
Contact Details
360 N Main Street
P.O. Box 3016
Andover, MA. 01810
Phone: 1-855-505-7049
Email: info@firepitsandselbatusa.com (quickest and preferred means of contact)